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Papadimitriou Andreas
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Porto Heli Marine underwater led lighting

Making your boat noticeable

Don’t keep the fish, or the dockside dollies, in the dark—install underwater lights.

The best way to land a fish dinner isn’t by chatting up an itamae, but by lighting up the ocean: An underwater light sets up a handy little food pyramid—it attracts plankton, followed by hungry baitfish and other marine critters intent on dinner. Finally, game fish drop by to enjoy a bite, too, eventually grabbing something with a hook in it. If you’re a night-owl angler, and you’ve not yet rigged up some underwater lights, now might be the time.
But underwater lights aren’t just for fishing. Mount an array on the transom and you’ll spot floating dock lines or debris when backing into your slip at night. The soft glow of an underwater light near the cockpit steps shows debarking guests just how far it is between boat and dock, without killing their night vision in the process. Search-and-rescue teams use bright-white underwater lights to locate objects below the waterline; they work much better than spotlights since there’s no reflection off the surface.

Papadimitriou marine co.  installs Underwater Lighting for boats and Yachts.
We install them to all boats and speed of installation is assured.
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