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Papadimitriou Andreas
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Porto Heli, Greece
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Porto Heli Marine Solar Panels

Enjoy clean,quiet and renewable power aboard

The latest solar technology makes self-sufficient cruising much more achievable.
Solar power is fast becoming the most popular and economic method of keeping the batteries charged on a boat.
Particularly now that the efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) panels, charge controllers and batteries is improving every day.
Furthermore, the latest technology in regulators and charge controllers has brought about a noticeable increase in useable power output, so the problems of shading and non-alignment can be compensated for more easily.
Not only has PV equipment become more efficient and cost-effective, but many of the modern devices we want to use on a boat have become less power hungry.
This means it is now far easier to provide your entire yacht’s electrical needs, both 220Vac and 12/24Vdc, from natural energy resources – particularly solar power, even if you are planning on a fully electric boat.

Papadimitriou marine co.  installs Flexi and semi flexi Solar Panels on your boat.
We also manufacture rollbars on request and according your wishes.
We adapt them to all boats and speed of installation is assured.
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