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Porto Heli Marine Bow Thrusters

Innovative solutions for your boat's maneurevability

Bow thrusters are a type of propeller-shaped system fitted either on the bow (forward part) and stern part (known as a stern thruster) of the ship. They are smaller in size as compared to the ship’s propeller and help in better manoeuvrability of the vessel at lower speeds.
Bow thrusters are generally used for manoeuvring the ship near the coastal waters, channels or when entering or leaving a port while experiencing bad currents or adverse winds.
Bow thrusters help in assisting tugboats in berthing the ship to avoid unnecessary wastage of time and eventually money because of lesser stay of the vessel in the ports. The presence of bow thrusters on a vessel eradicates the need of two tugs while leaving and entering the port, and thus save more money.
Nowadays ships have both bow and stern thruster, which makes them independent of the tugboats for manoeuvring in the port limits (if the port regulation does not make it compulsory to use tugboats).
Papadimitriou marine co.  sells and installs all types of bow thrusters.

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